Sunday, November 16, 2008

Buzzy wuzzy in anticipation

As we all are familiar that Advent is a period of preparation and hopeful anticipation, I could not help but feel how timely all this was. In some ways, we stepped out of the room yesterday all a-buzzed with some kind of excitement and in hopeful anticipation. The clarity that came after we bounced our ideas all around the room was amazingly clear. The energy I felt among us was something quite unlike what I have experienced before.

Incidentally, Advent is so close too! Isn't this quite a reminder of how we all should feel about the coming of Jesus as an infant; the hope for mankind, the sweet salvation that is to come to cleanse us of our sins, take away our sufferings and at the end of it all, bring us home to our Father....?

I am very sure that there is a sense of renewed hope in each one of us.

Let this Advent be a special one for each and every one of us and for H!MM as well. May it signify a great time of preparation for the wonderful future to come.

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