Friday, November 14, 2008


For as long as I can remember about my time in H!MM, I have not felt as excited as I feel now...Well, perhaps being involved in the concerts as a singer and sharing some personal stories on stage was exciting but not as much as this..

So what am I excited about?

Firstly, the discernment journey that we embarked on recently has sparked renewed interest in me. For a few years now, I have felt rather lost, disappointed and frustrated at how H!MM has become, how some projects were started and not come into fruition, how lacklustre sometimes people are towards certain things...When I knew of the plans to start the discernment, I jumped at it. This time round, I want to be a little more involved and stop being the follower.

Secondly, I took a huge step out of my own comfort zone: I joined the spiritual team to help plan a spiritual programme for the entire group. I have never ever thought of myself as being particularly spiritual or very in-tuned with God. I dare say that my spiritual life is at its pits for the longest time. I hardly say my prayers. I relied too much on myself and sometimes totally forget the existence of My Creator (and that all things come from Him!). Yet this time round, I took a huge, huge leap of faith and committed myself to it. I did not have to find any reason for my action at all. I just, as Nike's famous slogan would put it, do it! I am not looking for anything grand, glamourous or even glorious out of this. I just felt that I needed to do this for myself at the very least.

I am not even sure I know what the future holds for H!MM or even for myself. I just know that these are the things that I feel strongly about and I wish to be a part of this wonderful evolution.

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